The float tank is probably the most relaxing environment we can put our bodies into, with a whole range of benefits for both mind and body – it can have a profound impact on health, happiness and performance.

Pain Relief

Floatation therapy is an effective tool to recover from, alleviate or manage pain, whether it be chronic, intermittent or temporary. There is reliable evidence that floating can be beneficial in alleviating and preventing:

  • back pain
  • arthritis
  • neck pain
  • multiple sclerosis
  • fibromyalgia
  • bursitis
  • migraine
  • the discomforts of pregnancy

Sports Rehabilitation and Recovery

Many elite athletes use floatation therapy as a part of their training regime, to help recovery and to aid in mental training through visualization techniques. The Australian Institute of Sports has been recommending floatation therapy to its athletes for many years, as do many Olympic training programs around the world. Floating can aid in speeding up recovery from sports injuries by:

  • reducing muscle tension
  • cleansing the body of lactic acid
  • reducing inflammation and swelling
  • enhancing the repair and growth of muscle tissue
  • reducing pain through the production of endorphins

Floatation therapy assists with both injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Floating releases endorphins and dopamine, and reduces stress hormones, creating a deep sense of well-being, confidence and relaxation. This can be sustained for weeks. Magnesium (absorbed through the skin while floating) has also been found to assist in the treatment of depression and anxiety.

Sleep Deprivation, Insomnia, Shift Work

Floatation therapy is commonly used to combat fatigue caused by sleep deprivation, insomnia, shift work and jet lag and to assist people to re-establish healthy sleep patterns. Many people fall asleep during floatation therapy and experience levels of deep relaxation. Two hours in a float tank is thought to have the same beneficial effects as eight hours of normal sleep.

Following floatation therapy, it’s been found that people fall asleep more easily, and experience higher quality sleep.

Performance Enhancement / Visualisation

The deeply relaxed state achieved during floatation therapy ensures that learning abilities and receptivity are at their highest and powers of focus, visualisation and auto-suggestion greatly enhanced. This makes it an ideal space to practice visualization techniques and improve performance. Floatation therapy has been shown to enhance performance across a wide range of sports including basketball, target shooting, gymnastics, tennis, golf, running, archery, body-building and martial arts, while other studies have demonstrated that musicians achieve better technique with regular floating.

Learning, Memory and Emotional Control

During floatation therapy your mind is freed from all external distractions, accelerating the learning process, increasing mental clarity and focus, and allowing it to absorb new information quickly and deeply. Research has shown improvement in memory and recall activities.

Floating also improves your powers of emotional control and sense of well-being. Smoking, alcohol dependence and weight control problems can be effectively lessened or overcome. Studies show success rates of 81% in eliminating or sharply reducing smoking, 61% in reducing alcohol consumption, with similarly impressive results in combating weight control problems.

A More Comfortable Pregnancy

The weightless environment of the float tank removes strain on the body, spine and pelvis during pregnancy, resulting in the ability to lie comfortably and relax. While floating is considered safe during pregnancy, please consult your doctor before floating.

Experience The Benefits